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A Must things to do on your visit in Palawan, Philippines

Sure there are plenty of things to do in Palawan, but with your limited time of stay, its good to have the best of everything that you can try on your limited time of stay in the island.

Here are some of the "Must" things to do in Palawan on your visit.


Try Crocodile Sisig

Crocodile Sisig is a famous exotic dish in Palawan that tourists never miss trying. Crocodile meat is carefully cooked with other ingredients and spices, then put on a sizzling hot plate, resulting in a unique delectable dish.


It's a (much more appetizing) shell-less saltwater clam that bores holes into wood. The nickname “woodworm” comes from the fact that tamilok literally worm their way into wood. They're also called “naval shipworms,” most likely from a legend that the wooden hulls of ships were once their go-to meal.


Puerto Princesa

Underground River Tour

One of the 7th Wonder of Nature, and one of the UNESCO Site in the Philippines.

The 8.2-kilometer-long underground river boasts jaw-dropping cave formations, stunning limestone cliffs, and pristine waters, however, only a portion of the river, around 4.3km, is allowed for tourist explorations.

Book your underground river tour on the link below:

Port Barton

Island Hopping Activity

Book one of the local tours, this will give you a glimpse how beautiful the island is.

For information about the island, check out the article below:

Explore w/ Scooter.

Explore nearby empty beaches and waterfalls around the municipality.

Points of interest:

  • Pamuayan Falls

  • White Beach

  • Coconut Beach

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El Nido

Island Hopping

A not to miss activity when in Palawan, be blown away by Palawan natural beauty. Pristine and beautiful white beaches, karst limestone formation islands, beautiful corals and wild life.

For Island Hopping and Activities - Book with Lagum Adventure, check out the link below:

Chill in Nacpan Beach

The second longest white sand beach in the Philippines, if this doesn't impress you, grab a motorbike or charter and tuktuk and head to this one of the most beautiful beach in the Philippines

Watch Sunset in Meremegmeg Beach

Home to one of the most beautiful sunset in the Philippines, you want to know why? Grab yourself and head to the beach of Meremegmeg.

Enjoy the Local Night Life.

Head to the center and listen to the music that you like and don't hesitate to go.

Eat Seafoods at a Local Restaurant

There are few local restaurants beside the beach that serves fresh seafoods, head to Jarace Grill in the main street of El Nido, they served the freshest seafoods in town, and with live acoustic music!


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