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Top 10 Things To Do in El Nido, Palawan

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

I feel in love with Palawan, the very first time I set foot on it. So I decided to stay and make the best out of the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan.

If you’re planning to visit the island soon, here are some of my favorite activities in the Island.

In no particular order:

#1: Island Hopping El Nido

Currently, there are 4 main island hopping activities in El Nido, namely

  1. Tour A : Destinations: Big Lagoon, Shimizu sland, Payong-Payong, Secret Lagoon, and Seven Commando

  2. Tour B : Destinations: Pinagbuyutan Island, Entalula Island, Snake Island, Cudugnon Cave, Cathedral Cave


  4. Tour d : Destinations: Small Lagoon, Nat-Nat Beach, Cadlao Lagoon, Pasandigan Cove, Paradise Beach, and Ipil Beach

There has been a changes in how the island hopping flows starting 1st of December 2018, Small and Big Lagoon was previously part of Tour A, now the local Government distributed it to 2 different tours, Tour A and D respectively.

And on top of it, the local government implemented a P200 pesos per person entrance for each mentioned lagoons. Part of it is to maintained its beauty.

My personal favourite are, Tour A and Tour C, its just beautiful for me, the lime stone island in Matinloc Island, the awesome Big Lagoon when inside it. But then other tours have something to show off too! Tour B, Pinabuyutan Island and Snake Island!, Tour D, Cadlao Lagoon and Small Lagoon!

So, no matter what you choose, I guarantee you will enjoy the island of Bacuit (El Nido) can offer you.

Pinagbuyutan Island - Tour B

#2: Kayak Activities, El Nido

If you have the endurance, active, and physically fit, you should try paddling from the town center (Aplaya Beach) all the way to Cadlao Island.

And why you should do this?

For me, it was kind of an physical activity or an exercise, it will improved endurance, strength on your arm and shoulder, tonnes of sweat, and makes me more closer to the nature and the island.

There are small white beaches that you can visit, all of which are empty, you can enjoy it by yourself or with someone.

The amazing view of the the islands in the middle of the ocean is awesome, and the sunset is super amazing!

Paddling to the island of Cadlao from the town, is not easy, specially when you don’t have any prior practice, but then take it slow and enjoy the ride, and the sun! And if you’re lucky enough, you might find turtles swimming around the corner.

Cadlao Island - Tour D

#3 Spend Some Time with Locals.

As a traveller myself, I always want to spend time with locals, and get some awesome tips on what’s best in the island. But then, you already knew from this post.

Locals in El Nido are awesome!

Locals of El Nido - Palawan

#4 Visit Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach is the longest white sand beach in El Nido, Linapacan and or Coron, with distance of almost 10 KM from end to end, and its a white sand beach! A world class destination indeed.

Rent a motorbike in town, that ranges from P600 - P1000, for 7 hours, depending on what model you’re renting.

I like this place, it’s quiet, not a lot of tourists, and good food.

Activity here is just, lying in the sand, under the sun, and getting a tan. I’m not suggesting drinking if you’re riding a motorbike, I don’t want to ruin your holiday with scratches or some broken bones for the rest of your stay.

Nacpan Beach - El Nido, Palawan

#5 Sunset at Meremegmeg Beach

This is still the must be place during sunset, when you’re in town. A few minutes motorbike ride from the center town, this place is mostly filled with travelers during sunset, between 4pm to 6pm.

Grab some beer or drinks and enjoy the best of life, sunset. Or you can rent a paddle board, and paddle all the way to the middle of the ocean and watch sunset in the paddle board, one of the best thing I did in this place, other than drinking an ice cold beer while watching the sun goes down.

#6 El Nido Zip Line

The best zip line I’ve tried my whole life.

I will let the photo speak for you why.

El Nido Zip Line - Meremegmeg Beach

#7 Visit Duli Beach

Duli Beach, an almost 1 hour motorbike ride from the town center of El Nido.

What is special about this place?

  1. A white sandy beach with a thick palm trees on the background

  2. More quieter than that of Nacpan Beach, and shorter, quieter for the reason that not a lot of people knew about the place, and even they knew about the place, the distance is a factor and the road too!

  3. The lone surfing spot in El Nido, with waves good for both beginners and surfers.

  4. Super chill vibes

Visit this place before it will be swarmed with big hotels, construction line up are already on the way. Sigh.

#8 Rent a Motorbike in El Nido

A great way to explore El Nido or any other small beautiful places you go in Philippines, is renting a motorbike.

Ride wherever your mind leads you to.

#9 Walk the shoreline from Meremegmeg Beach, all the way to Dolarog Beach Resort.

They have a jetty, worthy of your Instagram likes.

The walk itself is so refreshing, the view again of the Bacuit Archipelago is pretty awesome.

#10 Enjoy the Local Bars

Suggested Bars:

Town Center:

  1. Subasko Bar - For chill vibes, good food, and live music

  2. Sava Bar - For dance music and cocktails beside the beach

  3. Pukka Bar - Booze and Reggae Music, beside the beach

Subasko Bar - El Nido Town Proper

There you go, top 10 activities that you can do in El Nido, this does not include the unique activities that you can do outside El Nido, and that I will write on my next post.

For El Nido Tours and Activities, prices and information, visit:

A Lagum Adventure Company - Nominated for " Travel and Hospitality Award " Asia Edition 2019.

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