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an island life adventure


Explore the pristine beauty of Palawan on an unforgettable expedition! Our Palawan Expedition takes you to some of the most beautiful islands of Palawan, where you'll experience unspoiled nature, stunning beaches and vibrant marine life. With a variety of activities available, you'll be able to experience the real beauty of Palawan, from snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to island-hopping and exploring the local culture. Join us on this adventure of a lifetime and create memories that will last forever!




Image by Cris Tagupa



Memories made forever

Travelled from Coron to El Nido on an expedition tour. This was by far the best experience of our lives.

The crew, led by Melvin, provided a 5 star service, the food was absolutely amazing and incredible to accommodate food preferences.

The accommodation on remote islands were in settings of paradise and so clean! We took our children ages 9 and 12 and they were so cared for, they described their experience as unforgettable.


The crew looked after everyone from kayakers in the water keeping everyone safe, the catering crew, the engineer, a big shout out mick mick the bar tender, everyone was so kind and fun.


We can not rate this experience highly enough, & great value for money! Do not hesitate to book and this company by far had the best communication which helped with reassurance and arrangements.At the start of the expedition Melvin said by the end you will all be a family and he was so right, we have made connections that will stay with us forever.

Date of experience: April 2023


Arlingham, United Kingdom

The experience of a lifetime- Lagum Adventure 3D2N expedition elnido to coron

The best way to experience chill Phillipine island life the scenery was beautiful, the campsites were unique and clean.


The food cooked by the chef was amazing phillipino styled cuisine, and the drinks by the bartender were refreshing. Melvin and his staff went above and beyond to accommodate our group.


They cared for those who were sick, carried our bags for us, guided us as we snorkelled, took pictures for us, did card tricks for us, built us bonfires, and had fun with us all around!


Although the scenery and experiences were incredible on their own, the staff is what brought this trip above our expectations. Thanks you all for everything! PS they have the sweetest puppies aboard!!

Allie M




Social Responsibility:

As a traveler, it is your utmost duty not to destroy the beauty of the surroundings around you, and thus, it is also your duty to help create a clean environment around you. If you see plastics floating around and on the beach, please pick one, you're making the area a lot better, one plastic at a time.

Adventure important Rules:

  • Smoking are allowed, but please never make the ocean as your ashtray.

    • ask crew for any forms of ashtrays. ​

  • Never throw any thrash in the water, trash bin are available on board.

  • Unlimited Rum & Coke is only served at the campsite, this is for you to enjoy the beauty of nature without alcohol, and also for guest safety.​ (El Nido - Linapacan Trip Only)

  • Please follow instructions from adventure leader, specially when out in the island and during activities, this is for the safety of everyone on board.

  • For Terms and conditions, please click link below:

Terms & Conditions (click here)

Looking for a place to stay?

our commitment

Community Service:

One of the company core business value, is to help people around the business, meaning the people in the island of Palawan, boat owners, crew, small fishing island villages - by giving them an extra income by doing activities like fishing with the visitors. We are using locally owned and licensed boat, and crew that came from the different islands in Palawan, and thus helping them earn a decent livelihood, and opening doors of opportunities for a better future.

And not just that, we are sending children to school, one student at a time. By helping them, on school supplies, fees and uniforms, and allowances. We are working directly and indirectly with local organizations to channel our assistance to those deserving students.

We will continually work for the betterment of the people, and the community around us. 

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