A local fishing adventure

A Lagum Adventure Original, in benefit of local fishing community


" The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. " - Vincent Van Gogh


Experience fishing like no other, fish with locals. A great way of learning how local fishermen lived their daily lives, out in the vast oceans. Know how to catch fish the traditional way, using traditional tools. 

A Fisherman, lives their life one day at a time, catching only what they needed, to sell and for consumption. They use a small boat that can only accommodate up to maximum of 4 fishermen.

This activity is  a way of helping local fishermen alleviate their way of living, and some proceeds goes to local fishermen organization, that will help them with their local activities and projects.

What's in for you? Have an island of your own while enjoying your fresh prepared lunch, get to enjoy its beautiful corals that only  locals get to experience, the island is a secluded - with beautiful white sandy beach.


On top of it, you'd be able to experience one of the biggest mangrove concentration in El Nido, and be able to see an actual fishing village!

They are waiting for your, book now your local fishing experience, a real local fishing experience!


  1. Fishing

  2. Snorkeling

  3. Mangrove Trip

  4. Swimming


  1.  Lunch (Grilled), and fresh catch fishes (if you catch some)

  2.  Lunch in the Island

  3. Use of mask and snorkel

  4. Traditional fishing tools

  5. Drinking Water

  6. Pick up and drop off (town only)


  1. Tips

  2. Other Expenses

  3. Other Drinks

Price : P1799 / Person

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El Nido Fishing Activity
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