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Unique ways to experience El Nido.

There are certainly plenty of ways to enjoy your stay in El Nido, from Island Hopping to Beach Hunting, to eating your heart out to partying at the many party places in the town of El Nido.

But to experience it uniquely, is one of the best to way to remember your travel in this paradise island.

Here are few of our Favourite Unique Way to experience the island of El Nido.

Food Trip

You'd probably tried some Filipino foods in one of your stops in the Philippines, when in El Nido, go for a Filipino Cooking Class, its a crash course for making Filipino favourite dishes like adobo!

Enrol at El Kusina

You haven't tried Balut yet, walk into the town center, and go around near the Municipal hall where you can see Balut Vendors selling the local delicacy!

Explore the many beaches in Motorbike/ Scooter

Rent a motorbike at a rental center, or just anywhere in town, and scoot your way to the many beautiful beaches around the island.

Beach to Visit:

  • Marimegmeg Beach

  • Lio Beach

  • Nacpan Beach

  • Duli Beach

  • Diapila Beach

  • Teneguiban

  • and more.

Duli Beach

Marimegmeg Beach

Teneguiban Beach

Kayak Around the Island of El Nido

It is not just the best way to explore nearby white sand beaches of El Nido, but also the best way to burn those calories and shed all the alcohols you've been drowning since your holiday.

Islands and beaches you can visit with kayak:

  • Cadlao Island

  • Bukal Beach

  • Ipil Beach

  • Paradise Beach

  • Nat Nat Beach

  • Papaya beach

  • 7 commando

  • or even Pinagbuyutan Beach

Kayak can be rented at Marygold Beach Resort, right at the center of the town, fronting the Police Station.

Don't forget to bring those chocolate bars, water, sun glasses and sunscreen.

Fish with local Fisherman by Lagum Adventure

This will be the higlight of your trip if you want to experience local fishing the local way. You will be fishing with local fisherman, using traditional tools!

To experience the activity, book online with Lagum Adventure Gone Fishing Activity.

Learn how to surf at Duli Beach.

Aside from learning how to surf, you'd be visiting one of the quietest beaches in El Nido, with lesser crowds than its counterpart Nacpan Beach, although it is gaining popularity, still it attracts lesser crowds than other beaches in El Nido.

For surf trip activity, click here.

Camping Trip in the Island

The coolest way to spend a night away from your bed, book a private camping trip with friends and or family, and enjoy a night away from the comfort of your hotel beds.

Comes with an island hopping, and an overnight stay in one of the beaches in el nido.

El Nido Adventure Tour organize Private Only Camping Trips, for bookings, click here

For free itinerary assistance, contact Lagum Adventure (El Nido Adventure)

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