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El Nido, Palawan, Your Ultimate Guide to El Nido Island Hopping Activities, Group and Private Tour

A visit in the island is more about exploring the many beautiful beaches and stunning lime stone formation islands millions of years in the making.

And you were probably curious why Palawan is always at the top of most beautiful islands in the world for many years.

So here is the guide to your island hopping activities in the island of El Nido.

Tour A

1. Big Lagoon, 2. Shimizu Island, 3. Payong-Payong, 4. Secret Lagoon, 5. and Seven Commando

Tour B

1. Pinagbuyutan Island,

2. Entalula Island,

3. Snake Island,

4. Cudugnon Cave,

5. Cathedral Cave

Tour C

1. Secret Beach,

2. Hidden Beach,

3. Matinloc Shrine,

4. Talisay Beach,

5. Helicopter Island

Tour D

1. Small Lagoon,

2. Nat-Nat Beach,

3. Cadlao Lagoon,

4. Pasandigan Cove,

5. Paradise Beach, and Ipil Beach

Photos of some of the amazing destinations of El Nido Island Hopping Activity by Lagum Adventure Tour.

Other Island Activities in El Nido

There are plenty of different types of acitivities in the Island, organize separately by many organizers, like Lagum Adventure Tour.

Here are the activities currently offered by Lagum Adventure,

Gone Fishing with Local Fisherman

  • This activity is specially created to showcase the local fishing culture of Filipinos.

Linapacan Adventure Tour

  • Created to promote one of the most secluded part of Palawan.

Expedition Palawan

  • Created for travellers who wanted to escape their busy life and disconnect from the world, and explore empty and secluded islands in between El Nido and Coron.

El Nido Private Island Hopping

  • Ideal for people who wants the trip to be intimate, spend more time in the island they like, or to just beat the crowd and be the first one to arrive in a destination.

El Nido Yacht Tour

  • ideal for luxurious travellers who want to explore the island with style.

Customized Tours

Mt. Taraw Trekking

  • For the adventurous in you.

Lagum Adventure Tour organizes all these activities in El Nido and Palawan for many years, and constantly creating adventures that will awaken your imagination.

For Island Activities and for all kinds of land and sea transport arrangement, visit

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