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Expedition Palawan by Lagum Adventure, All the Things you need to know About the Adventure

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Is adventure in your blood? Want an escape from your daily routine life? If this is you , this 3 days adventure tour in Palawan Philippines is for you!

El Nido Adventure (Lagum Adventure) Expedition trip in Palawan, will highlight the best and the remotest islands in between El Nido, Calamian Islands (Linapacan), and Coron!

A perfect break from busy travel schedule, and the perfect time to disconnect from the internet and just enjoy the best of Palawan or in the world, all of this in one trip, which is the best boat trip of them all, Expedition Palawan by Lagum Adventure.

Why Palawan Expedition?

Expedition Palawan is a mixed of Culture, Food, and Adventure.

Culture, you will be visiting remote islands along the way, visiting small fishing villages and getting to know how they live their daily lives in the island. Mostly surviving from fishing livelihood, trading with other islands - in form of goods. Get to experience how they live their lives, so different from what you have.

Food Culture, you will be treated to the freshest seafoods that the vast ocean is abundant with, prepared the Filipino way! So it is a food trip journey in a boat and in the beautiful islands of Palawan.

Adventure, you will be visiting the most beautiful destinations in between Coron, Linapacan Island, and El Nido. You will get to swim the clearest water in the world along the way, empty beaches, underwater with so much colors and beautiful sights of marine life, this with our daily snorkelling activities in different selected stops.

Since the weather in the Philippines is unpredictable at times, you will get to experience rough seas, rains, and winds.

Fun, with different people and culture on the boat, you will get to know them and spend the rest of the trip with, sharing travel stories in buko juice and rum!

Lagum Adventure Palawan Expedition is all about Experience

You will get a chance to experience local culture as awesome as it should.

With Lagum Adventure (El Nido Adventure) Palawan Expedition, you get to experience local foods, prepared freshly in the boat, using only the freshest ingredients available, from vegetables, seafoods, and meat!

You'd get to experience adventure at its best! Visiting the most beautiful islands of Palawan, not just that, you'd be sleeping in different secluded beached every night, enjoying the sea breeze and fine sands, with some beer and rum in your hand, glaze up the sky full of stars so bright. Do some fishing along the way using only traditional tools, with real fisherman!

Experience by getting to know travellers of different races from around the globe, sharing travel experiences and life on the boat with bonfires.

Above all these, experience the most beautiful beaches that you've been dreaming, for the longest time.

Additional Information:

Weather in the Philippines always changes, you may experience rough seas or wave, wind, limited privacy, dogs barking, sounds of roosters in the morning, insect bites, jelly fish stings, sunburn. Expect the unexpected, these are all part of Lagum Adventure Expedition Experience.

Always check for entry requirements to clear you from all your flights around the country.

What to Bring?

Wondering what to bring on the trip? Check out the link below:

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