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A Must Top Things to do in El Nido Palawan on your Visit.

it can be overwhelming sometime when you are visiting one of the best places in the world to visit,

So here is your ultimate guide to what you can do in El Nido Palawan Philippines, on your visit,

Island Hopping

Visiting the most beautiful island in the world won't be complete without joining or doing an island hopping.

There are 4 pre selected type of tours in the island that will surely give you a glimpse why El Nido is a best place to visit once in your life.

For Tours and Activities, check out Lagum Adventure,

Visit Top Inland Beaches

Its not just all beautiful islands that you can see in El Nido, there are plenty of Top World Beaches which are easily accessible in the Island.

Check out the link below:

El Nido Sunsets

A visit to El Nido wont be complete without ending one of your day witnessing one of the most beautiful sunset in Philippines.

For Sunset Spots, check out article below:


For Palawan Tours, Activities and Transportation,

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