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Top 5 Places to Hang Out in El Nido, Palawan on your visit, your guide to local top spot to chill.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Are you planning ahead for your El Nido visit?


Here are the top spots to chill or enjoy a drink when in the best island in the world El Nido:

Meremegmeg Beach

The proximity to the town, and one of the best sunset spot in the Philippines, a must on your activities once in El Nido.

There are plenty of nice bars along beach to chill and grab a drink or 2!

How to get here?

  • Rent a motorbike for a day, explore the nearby beaches in El Nido and head in this place as your day ender to watch the sunset. Rent from P600 per day w/o gas of course.

  • Charter a tricycle, from P100 per trip depending on where you are in El Nido.

Aplaya Beach (El Nido Center Town)

This place is hard to miss, this is where most of the parties are happening, with bars few meters from each other, restaurants, live performances and home made ice cream!

Good view for different side of El Nido Sunset, find a place to sit along the beach (bars/ restaurants), grab a drinks and enjoy the view.

Corong Corong Beach

One of the most underrated spot in El Nido, this place in El Nido underwent a lot of changes for the past 5 years! Just take a walk into the beach, and find yourself a best bars to chill!

Nacpan Beach

This place is not just famous for its white sand beach! This place is never short of spot or places to chill, live performances and DJ's are performing in this area!

So, watch out for local announcement for activities, and or just simply grab a motorbike and drive your way to the 2nd longest beach in the Philippines and chill.



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