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Top 10 Spots in El Nido Palawan that you cannot miss.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit in El Nido, and here are our Top 10.

In no particular order,

Dolarog Jetty

Might not a familiar sound, but yes this spot here is like a walk in an empty park, a walk by the beach from Maremegmeg Beach and beyond Las Cabanas Beach,

Keep walking after you see the most beautiful Treehouse in El Nido.

Treehouse = >>

Maremegmeg Beach

Probably the most easiest and the most popular beach in El Nido, home to one of the best Sunset in the Philippines.

Not just sunset, but the its white sandy beach, and crystal clear water, plus the view of bacuit bay, its just amazing and hard to miss.

So get a spot, and enjoy a drink or 2 with an amazing sunset view

Pinagbuyutan Island

The most beautiful island we've ever seen in the entire islands surrounding El Nido, yes probably is, and you have to see it to believe.

This island is part of Tour B, better experience in Private Tour,

Check out El Nido Adventure Tour (Lagum Adventure) for private island activities,


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Seven Commando Beach

This is hard to miss, part of tour A, or you can simply charter a private boat and visit this beautiful beach, with many palm trees as its background - its just like a romantic Hollywood movie set in a tropical island.

Try a fresh buko juice and banana cue (a popular Filipino Snack)

Check out El Nido Adventure Tour (Lagum Adventure) for private island activities,

El Nido Aplaya Beach

Located at the heart of El Nido Town, where you can find the freshest seafoods restaurants lining up in its shore, bars playing your favourite songs.

A nice spot for a different view of sunset too!

Lio Beach

One of the underrated beaches in El Nido, home to the many luxurious accommodations - owned by some of the richest clan in the country.

Highend restaurants, stores, hangouts - of course a nice beach and a nice jetty to stroll with.

Paradise Beach

Strategically located in the Majestic Cadlao Island, reachable only by boat and part of Tour D, you may joined a group tour or a private tour organize daily by El Nido Adventure Tour (Lagum Adventure).

You can also kayak your way here from the Aplaya Beach, just rent a kayak and ready your paddling power, dont forget to bring a chocolate bar and a lot of water.

Nacpan Beach

Probably you've read or heard about this beach somewhere - probably a travel magazine, the second longest white san beach in the Philippines, next to the Long Beach in San Vicente which is also in Palawan.

Duli Beach

The one and only surfing spot of El Nido, but behold, its not just for surfing!

If you want to have a quieter beach that you can enjoy with some travellers, this is the place. The travel might be long, but every second of it is worth it when you are already here.

You may also want to stay a night or 2 in the only resort of the beach - Duli Beach Resort


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