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El Nido Palawan, A Guide to Island Life Essentials.

Island Life For Starters

You might be dreaming of how it feels like living in an island, or experiencing island life yourself.

What is island life?

Island life is living a simple life, well it depends on which island you're planning to live with.

Island Life in El Nido.

Yeah El Nido Palawan is one of the most popular travellers spot in the World for many years now.

So, how is the island life in El Nido?

Of course beaches, beautiful white sand beaches, and many more beaches.

Island life is enjoying everything around you as simple as you could. Like,

Being with locals and be like locals.

Getting to know locals and neigborhood is essential to living in an island, or anywhere in Philippines. It gives a feeling of home, everywhere you go, someone will call you, YO! Lets tagay! (Tagay means, to Drink Alcoholic Drink).

Know the popular drinks of locals.

Popular drinks of locals in El Nido can vary with different people,

Redhorse - mostly for tour guides, young working people in the island, mostly when they just want to enjoy some of their hard earned money or just to celebrate something or nothing at all.

Tanduay - one of the most popular drink in the island, one of our official drink, mostly not so young locals, but of course young generation is embracing it also, for the reason that you already knew. 1 liter is less than 100 pesos.

Ginebra - this is favorite of our neighbors whose doing some mechanical repairs on local boats, and for adults on the onset of having flu or something. it got medicinal property as they say.

San Miguel Beer - hmmm.... when someone buys one.

Go do something with locals,

If you knew some tour guide, go and help them, by any means, its fun really.

Or go fish with locals, or whatever as long as it is legal.

Explore the island as much as you can.

Go to different places in the island that you are staying, by this, you get acquinted with what the island has to offer, and you'll get to share it as best as the locals do.

You can do this by just walking every corner of the island, that simple.

Celebrate with locals,

If it is a birthday, of course, you have to wait for invitation, but if you get invited, grab it right away! its amazing! You will wonder the next morning how you managed to get home. hmmm.

Or if they see you in the street walking and ask you to "Tagay", one or two shots is not bad, if you know a lot of people already, and every corner call you to "tagay", by the time you get home you are already tipsy. So you'll get perks to drink free. Do this sometimes. But if you are not a drinker, a chit chat would do, and go. .

Things to have in the Island.

You don't really need a lot of things,


  1. Sando

  2. Sleepers

  3. Shorts

  4. Sun Glasses

  5. Sometime you need sunscreen just to protect your skin, too much sun is not good for your skin.

The most Important to have, or a must have.

BE NICE, may not be all the time, but make it 99 percent at a time.

If you plan to stay longer, you to find way to earn some cash, or if you have many, THE MOST ESSENTIAL IS, live SIMPLY and live like a normal Locals do.

Of course, you have to do all the island activities before all of this,

Book with Lagum Adventure Tour, an El Nido Palawan Local

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