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El Nido Palawan, Your Guide to the Secret Spots in the Island Part I

A Guide to the secret spots of El Nido, curious?

Yes, we will explore some of the spots that is not known to many, in El Nido.

These are secret spots, so lets put some pictures and describe it in few words, these are secret spots, but don't worry, we will reveal some of them.

Your Guide to the Secret Spots in El Nido.

In no particular order.

(Picture 1)

Picture #1

This photo was taken in one Lagum Adventure Private Boat Trip, the beach is around Tapiutan Island.

(Picture 2)

Picture #2

Same as the previous one, but different occassion, one of the Camping Trip of Lagum Adventure.

(Picture 3)

(Picture 4)

Pictures #3 and #4

These photos are of the same location, used as a lunch stop for one of Lagum Adventure Private Island Hopping.

(Picture 5)

Picture #5

This is the lunch stop of Lagum Adventure Fishing With Local Fisherman Activity, only locals goes here,

Fishing w/ Local Fisherman by Lagum Adventure departs on a daily basis with a minimum of 2 persons, but highly dependent on local weather.

(Picture 6)

Picture #6

Not a lot of locals knows about this place, a Treehouse by the beach, the beach is empty most of the time, and the sunset is stunningly amazing!

Available for occupancy, for more information, click here

(Picture 7)

Picture #7

If you're into kayak, this is the place to be, few kilometers from the main island of El Nido.

Coming up next, Your Guide to the Secret Spots in the Island Part II.

If you want to suggest an edit or want to add some secret spot, comment in the comment section below.


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