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El Nido Palawan, Best Bars to Visit, Day and Night Out.

El Nido Palawan consistently at the top of many prestigious travel magazines, year after year.

Its many beautiful beaches and lime stone formation islands built by volcanic eruption million years ago, and now creating a stunning seascape around the island.

Top Bars in El Nido, day and night out.

Nightlife in El Nido is so different from many other popular island destinations in the Philippines, not comparable to Boracay, nor Cebu, or Siargao.

Although the nightlife landscape has been evolving in the later years, keep in mind El Nido is a melting pot of many international cultures, making the island a second home from home to many nationalities seeking a life away from their birth place.

So with that in mind, many night hangouts offers different vibe and mood .

Here are some of them, in no particular order.

Pukka Bar.

Every island life is connected to the coolness of the beat of a reggae, so, if you want a part of it and dance to the coolest reggae destination in town, this is the place.

Located right at the heart of the town of El Nido and a few meters away from Philippines finest Police Station. So, keep away from trouble.

Sava Beach Bar

For latest dance and party music, house and technos, and a cool beach dancing vibe, this is the place for you. A little more nearer to the Police Station.

The design of the place is modern and open, there a place where you can seat in a beach bench and bean bags to enjoy your not so expensive drinks.

Beach Shack

Is definitely one of our favourite just before the darkness fall. Best for beers before the sunset, the view is astounding as it looks, that serves as the backdrop for the awesome seascape of the island.

Thru the years, the place has been thru a lot of transformation.

Watch out for Big Events in this place on your visit, you may get lucky to experience one.

Maremegmeg Beach Bar

Few meters closer to the Beach Shack, awesome to experience just before the sunset, you will know where to seat in between these two bars when you get there. Have Fun!

These are just some of the bars that you can visit in a day and night in El Nido, there are more places that we want to put on the list but some of them are closed permanently because of the pandemic.

If you want to suggest something and make the list more, please send us an email, or simply write it in the comment section below.

You want be a contributor? Send us a message!


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A Must Do Activities in Palawan


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