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A True Story of a Fisherman's Life, An El Nido Palawan Adventure.

One day I decided to go explore the nearby island of El Nido, rented a kayak and paddled my way, from empty beaches to to another, under the clear blue sky one afternoon.

After a few beaches visited, decided to stop and chill in one of this island spot where I saw a fisherman tending his fishing net, probably preparing for the next morning fishing routine.

The house was small, made of woods, partly bare, and right beside the beach, like not even 10 meters away from the beach.

I decided to say "Hi", as being me, and ended up in their small beach house drinking coffee with the entire family. There was an old lady, the mother, the sister, and some kids playing. The family was very accommodating and welcoming, there were no appliances in the house, only battery operated radio, no electricity, just torch light in the night - made of recycled soya sauce empty bottle.

The house was empty, other than the few kitchen utensils, cooking place, and I don't even remember a proper bed, there was a hammock outside the house - with the view of the bacuit bay. But it wasn't empty at all, It felt like it was full of something, something nice and a lightness, like I cannot explain.

I was having a conversation with the entire family, and one thing I cannot forget, somewhere in the line below,

" That they catch only what they need for the day, something they can sell in the market, and get enough money to spend on daily necessities - like rice, cooking oil, gas and specially coffee and sugar, and the other one, is, the fish that they can consume that day "

Looking at them, wow, I felt so happy and at the same time I pitied myself, these are the people that many see - to have nothing, but when I was with them, they were the happiest people I've ever seen in my entire travelling life. It was a pure happiness.

I was so convinced, that I'd be spending the rest of my life in the island, and give up the world outside, but then I meet someone - that's another story.

El Nido Fishing Activity was coined in a series of event in El Nido, a series of experience with the locals, specially local fisherman. They are one of the happiest people you'll ever meet on your travels.

Check out our Fishing Activities below with El Nido's Local Fisherman.


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