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Fishing with local Fisherman, a Lagum Adventure original, made for the local fishing community.

Fishing is one of the livelihood of the many locals in Palawan, including El Nido.


As the tourism grow in continuously, the demand for fishing increases. Thus many companies in tourism sector source their seafoods products all over the islands of Palawan, as far as Linapacan, Narra and San Vicente.

Although the demand for fishing increases, still many small time fisherman are left behind, for the big businesses are sourcing their seafoods supply from bigger players around the island.

There are few fishing villages in El Nido, and we are starting with one fishing community, by giving back something to them with the local growing tourism industry in El Nido, by creating an activity integrating local fisherman.

Who is this activity for?

This activity is for those travellers who want to experience local culture as real as it gets, and that is thru fishing with a real fisherman.

A great way to experience Palawan in a very unique way with a touch of local fishing village experience, from a local fisherman.

What you will get from the trip?

  1. Experience fishing the traditional way, using traditional tool

  2. Eat what you catch, this is on top of the lunch provided from the activity.

  3. Get to experience an island only locals are using.

  4. Snorkel on one of the best snorkeling spot in the area.

  5. See the biggest mangrove concentration in the island.

  6. See an actual fishing village

  7. and many more!

(Guests w/ their catch)

(Guests w/ their catch)

And on top of these, you get to give back something to the community, for all the proceeds goes straight to the local fishing community.

So , if you're planning to visit El Nido soon, include Fishing with locals on your Itinerary,

For more information about the activity, check out the link below:


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