Traveling and Learning

They said home is where the heart is, yeah home is where the heart is, but this is just partly TRUE. Every places I go, stranged places, most of it, FELT like HOME. Every places I went, I've learned to LOVE, the PEOPLE I meet and being able to lived with them just for a moment, is something that you can't find HOME.

I love being at the BEACH, I love the way it felt when I am with them. Sound of the waves, the air that it gave, the color of the OCEAN when the sun shines on them. It gave me serenity, and closer to my creator. The same when I am in the deep forest or in the mountains, enjoying the gift of nature. Jumping the rivers, in the waterfalls, just a simple trek that will let you see how small we are as a living.

I have been to many beautiful places in Philippines for the past 1 year since I quit my corporate world job. Boracay, Sagada, Kalinga, Baguio, Cebu, Bantayan, Camotes, Mactan, Bohol, Dumaguete, Siquijor, Iloilo, Quezon, Mt. Mayon, Mt. Isarog, Bicol, Pulag, went for a tattoo with the national artist Whang-Od, Palawan - Puerto-El Nido-Coron, went to the cave of TABON MAN, Camiguin, Davao, Samal, the southermost tip of Davao Oriental, Mati, Unesco Heritage Site Mt. Hamiuit, centuries old churches in Bohol, Iloilo and among others. And many more! and I am not stopping there.

Swam with the Whale Shark, the turtles that swim freely in Apo Island, exploring the islands of Palawan, rode the waves in Mati, had coffee in the mountain of Kalinga, spelunking at Sagada cave, canyoning in Badian, cliff jumping, being able to see the most beautiful sunsets, and many others. The experiences is different, and they said its priceless, yeah it is true, it is priceless (except for the fact that you have to spend some money to do all these stuff). It is a lifelong experience, its like going back to school having your masters degree, or getting your PhD, but more on HANDS ON.

You see life is a travel, we are inhabiting this place temporarily and we won't know when are we going to forever leave this amazing place.

Keep on learning, keep on traveling, life out there will give more valuable lessons in life.

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