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All About El Nido : Places to Eat, Street Food Style

El Nido

Get Closer to Paradise

Where to Eat?

What ever it is the your craving, there is something for you in the island.

We will explore the local food scene, the small player who are thriving in their field. We will start from the most affordable places that you can eat, in no particular order.

1. Local Burgers : Baybayin

Address: Joaquin Street, Puting Bato

A small space rented by a local burger enthusiast. The place is small but will surely catch your attention.

They serve different types of burger and hotdog in a bun, and a home made French Fries. With small space inside, that can accommodate to up to 12 seating customers.

They also served, beer and other cold drinks.

Price Range: P45-85 Pesos

(Can already fill up your hungry stomach)

2. El Nido’s Best Goto.

Address: Joaquin Street, Puting Bato

If you’re looking for varieties of Filipino dishes, this is the place for you.

Located at Joaquin Street, just few meters away from the local burger joint.

With many local favourite foods to choose from, taste the local dishes literally beside the street.

Price Range: P100-P200

3. Street Vendors - “ Balut “

Is a developing bird embryo (usually a duck) that is boiled and eaten from the shell. It originated from and is commonly sold as street food in the Philippines. (Source: Wikipedia)

At night, Balut Vendors are common sight in the street of El Nido, mostly concentrated near the municipal hall.

So, if you decided to try this local famous delicacy, go straight to where you can find them.

Price : P20 / Piece

Look for : Arlene

4. Barbeque

Filipinos popular street food, you can find them anywhere in the major streets of Philippine Provinces, they usually starts to set-up between 4-5pm and closes ‘til late or while stocks last.

Based on experienced, Filipino bbq’s taste better than its Asian counterpart. Usually marinated a night before, with spices and secret recipes developed thru time.

You can find BBQ vendors, around the town of El Nido, check out the map below.

Price Range: P5-P85

There are plenty of places you can eat in El Nido, and we will take a look at it one by one, and will be posting more, next !


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