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Day One: 

🏳 Coron Departure

During this first day, we’ll explore a few spots in Coron and even more so in Culion, notably the Ditaytayan Island with its long beach and very picturesque sandbar. The first night will be spent in a campsite in the same area, with activities, bonfire and drinks to enjoy and relax the beauty of the night sky.

🏳 El Nido Departure

After departing from El Nido, we’ll head to Linapacan islands where you’ll be able to swim in some of the clearest waters on the planet. You’ll discover some of the best snorkeling spots in Palawan and in the Philippine. At the end of the first day, we’ll set camp on an island, where you’ll get to relax and enjoy the beauty of the night sky in front of a bonfire.

Day Two:

🏳 Coron Departure

After appreciating the sunrise in the morning, you’ll go for a second day of island adventures in Culion and then Linapacan. Among other activities, you’ll experience cliff jumping and snorkelling in some the clearest water on earth. The second night will be spent in one of our campsites in the area of Linapacan.

🏳 El Nido Departure

Your second day will start with an adventure to remember: turtle watching. After this encounter with these peaceful creatures, you’ll get a several activities to remember, such as cliff jumping and meeting local fishermen in a small village. We’ll then go on Culion island area and reach one of our campsites in the area to spend the night.

Day Three: 

🏳 Coron Departure

The day will start will an exciting adventure: turtle watching. After seeing these peaceful and mesmerizing animals, you’ll discover some of the best snorkelling spots in Palawan and the whole Philippines. A few other stops are programmed on the way, to leave you with great memories of your trip. The arrival in El Nido will be around 4:30 PM.

🏳 El Nido Departure

On the third day, you’ll discover some of the best spots in Culion, such as Ditaytayan island with its long beach and sandbar, as well as a few spots in Coron. The boat will arrive in the town’s port around 4:30 PM, after three days filled with adventures and new memories of one of the most beautiful area on earth, Northern Palawan.

🏴‍☠️ Travelers Spots

Araw Beach, Cagdanao Island, Calibang Island, Dipalian Island, Ditaytayan Island, Inapupuan Island, Linapacan Tourists Camp, Malobotlobot Island, Manlihan Island, Nacpan Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Tacling Island

Recently, the influx of tourists and travelers alike are increasing in time, the activity in the mainland, namely Coron and El Nido, are getting more and more crowded every year, but then the local tourism, with government drive to host the increasing tourists in the islands, are taking measures to let the visitors enjoy their limited time in the paradise.

Back to expedition, the trip started seven (7) years ago, this is to showcase the most beautiful islands around Palawan, specifically, between Coron and El Nido, with highlight to Linapacan Island. 

The trip started, to cater to all travellers (not tourists) who wants the best out of their adventure. to experience island life, away from the tourist crowds of the mainland,  

Linapacan Group of Islands is in the highlight of the trip, coz this is where most of the empty islands are, beautiful corals to enjoy with, and the clearest water you can enjoy. Mostly empty islands, and with some inhabited by locals, in which you will have time to spend with - experience how people in the island live their daily life.

And why is Palawan one of the best island in the world? It is for you to discover, and to witness. What could be the other way than to experience and see it yourself. 

To know about Linapacan Island, Click here.

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