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Top Islands to Visit in Linapacan Palawan: The Only Guide You Need.

About Linapacan Palawan.

(Photo @surfersinthecity)

When the Spaniards came in the 16th century, they made a fortress called Caseledan Port and Eli Port to be able to protect against Moro raiders.

In 1954, the 10 islands of Barangonan, Cabunlawan, Calibangbangan, Decabaitot, Maroyogroyog, Nangalao, New Calaylayan, Pical, San Miguel, and San Nicolas were separated from Coron to form the town of Linapacan. The municipality of Culion is between Linapacan and Coron.

In October 2013, the website Daily News Dig proclaimed the waters of Linapacan Island so clear that the website put it on the top of their list of 35 waters to swim in around the world before one dies.

Good To Know About Linapacan Palawan.

Linapacan Palawan is home to numerous secluded beaches and islands, and also the home to the most clearest water you can swim before you die.

Here are the Top Islands in Linapacan You should not miss.

Maosonon Island

Generally triangular and longish in appearance from an aerial view, is composed of a main island characterized by a wide rear area of rolling hills, hidden rocky coves and elevated woods, stretching out further into the water as a narrower promontory of vegetated plains with pristine beaches on the fringes, finally climaxing as a sharp powdery-white tip pointing to another much smaller nearby island jutting out of the water like a teardrop.

Few meters away is a coral sanctuary that will surely take your breath away.

Little Maosonon

Located just few meters away from it big brother Maosonon Island. A totally empty island where you can swim til you drop and enjoy the pristine water it offers and surrounded by corals and marine life.

(Google Earth)

Gintu Island

Sounds Familiar? You've probably heard someone mentioning the island.


Look at that photo above, it does not need any caption, but picture does not give the island beauty justice at all, just a slight.

Cacayatan Island

(Photo: DSilva9999)

(Google Earth)

Just look at the stretch of white sand beaches surrounding the island. This is where the clearest water you can swim before you die. A must on your Itinerary.

Linapacan Adventure by Lagum Adventure organizes a private trips in this part of the island, check out the link below for more information

Iloc Island


This is island is one of the biggest island in Linapacan, inhabited, and with a total population of less than 500, mostly relying to fishing, but recently due to travellers discovering Linapacan, locals are starting to ride its local tourism industry for a living.

A Big island but never short of beautiful white sand beaches.

This is one of the base camp of Linapacan Adventure by Lagum Adventure, where guests can stay in one of the beach hut owned by locals.

Lagum Adventure, organizes daily private trips to the island of linapacan, that can last to up to 3 days and 2 nights, depending on travellers preference.

There is also a group trip, that runs every Monday and Friday, for bookings, book straight below:

For Private Trips, send an email to,

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amzing place and away from tourists!

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