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Your Guide to Unique Activities in Palawan, Your only guide to the best out of ordinary tours!

Planning a visit in Palawan?

And want to do something DIFFERENT other than the normal Tours?

Read on!

Here are some of the Unique Activities in Palawan that you should not miss.

Fishing with local Fisherman.

Yes, how about fishing with a real fisherman of Palawan? Lagum Adventure organizes a daily fishing trip that helps our local fishermen!

With traditional way of fishing and in a real fishing boat!

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Linapacan Island Palawan Adventure

You might have came up with Linapacan Island while browsing Palawan Activities, yes, Linapacan Island is dubbed as one of the most clearest water in the World to swim! And yes it is a FACT!

This group of islands are one of the most secluded islands in the Philippines and it is now accessible to travellers! Of course by joining the Limited organizations that organizes trip in these beautiful secluded islands!

Lagum Adventure organizes daily trips in this stunningly beautiful islands, the trip could last 3 days and 2 nights or more!

Read more below for more details:

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Join Palawan Expedition by Lagum Adventure

If you have more time to spare in your travel schedule, and want to experience, Philippine Culture, Food and Adventure!

Click here why,

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Balabac Island Expedition

The most underrated island destination in Palawan, but one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the Philippines!

Read more here,

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Plan your trip ahead! If you need any itinerary assistance, send us an email @

You may reach us also with,

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