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Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines, Your Best Beach Destinations Guide in the Philippines

Malay and Westernized, the Philippines is blessed with the rich biodiversity and cultural diversity of Southeast Asia, with the bonus of English being almost second nature to everyone.

Though not as travelled as its neighboring countries, the Philippines surely does not disappoint wanderers craving for world-class beach escapades — from blinding white sand beaches, volcanoes, and native-themed resorts to pink sand coastlines, 14-foot waves, and folkloric sites.

But with over 7,000 islands to choose from, where do you go?

Here’s a list of the best beaches in the Philippines, some consistently topping lists of the best beaches and islands in the entire world.

#1 El Nido Palawan

Surrounded by ancient limestone cliffs, the beaches and islands at El Nido resemble a secret adventure, but in reality, this paradise is a world-renowned escape.

Apart from being home to the country’s most diverse flora and fauna, El Nido also boasts striking white sand beaches fronting cyan waters.

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#2 Malapascua Island, Cebu

For a pint-sized island, Malapascua packs dreamy natural scenery and rich marine life. It’s particularly famous for its thresher sharks, coral reefs, and fine sandy bays, all of which you can explore in a single day if you want.

#3 Southern Negros — Negros Oriental

Southern Negros belongs to the island’s eastern territory, Negros Oriental, which is chock-full of world-class Filipino beaches.

Endless adventures await you here: from a sugar white sand beach and floating hills at Sipalay, coral gardens and turtles at Apo Island, to friendly witches and folklore-rich beaches at Siquijor.

#4 Panglao Island — Bohol

Dotted with a wealth of rustic resorts, coconut trees, hammocks, and local cottages, Panglao Island is well recognized for its divine coastline. Beach bums don’t need a towel or a pair of flip-flops when lounging on the beach. You won’t believe how clean and soft the sand here is!

Best of all, Panglao Island’s neighboring islands protect the beaches here from the crazy waves of the Pacific. There are no rip tides at all! Wherever you go, Panglao offers you the safest beach for kids.

#5 Boracay — Aklan

Boracay Island’s blinding white sand, tempting turquoise waters, and heart-pounding beach activities have been luring millions of tourists every year for generations.

From horseback riding, scuba diving, helmet diving, and snorkeling to windsurfing, kiteboarding, cliff diving, and parasailing, Boracay continues to entertain thousands of beachgoers daily.

#6 Pagudpud — Ilocos Norte

It is no doubt that Pagudpud is solely for the adventurous, but the long trip rewards you with a dazzling, virginal shoreline that seems to go on forever. Native-themed resorts and windmills populate the municipality, adding an idyllic Filipino charm that makes it hard to leave.

#7 White Island — Camiguin

The view from White Island resembles a heavenly pathway to the volcano domain of deities, from the Filipino animist perspective. Free from infrastructure, White Island remains pristine, with views as legendary as its folklores.

#8 Coron Palawan

Imagine limestone karst formations, coral reefs, islets and inlets, hot springs, World War II shipwrecks, and transparent blue waters. Time blurs into an illusion in a paradise like Coron. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines.

#9 Siargao — Surigao del Norte

Uninterrupted winds and currents from the Pacific Ocean create Siargao’s popular waves, and the monsoon season enhances the thrill. However, if surfing isn’t your thing, Siargao also has a handful of calmer beaches for beach bumming.

#10 Baler — Aurora

The municipality of Baler is the capital of the province of Aurora and is another popular surfing spot, but minus the crowds in Siargao.

Unspoiled and underrated, Baler offers both sensational waves and serene natural areas. So whether you’re here for the thrill or to chill, Baler has something for you.

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