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All you need to know about Port Barton, the Most Laid Back Destination of Palawan.

Port Barton is town part of San Vicente Palawan. Its a small fishing village of more than 5000 inhabitants.

Port Barton is know for scenic beauty, white beaches and chill atmosphere.

Although Port Barton is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers, it is still very authentic and thankfully much less touristy than El Nido. This does mean that the internet connection does not always work (mainly the Wifi does not work everywhere) and that the electricity sometimes goes out.

Practical info about Port Barton

Best time to visit Port Barton

The island of Palawan really only has two seasons, namely the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season runs from June to November, during which the Philippines also has to deal with several typhoons. For example, in 2019 there were more than 25! This means that the dry season, which runs from December to May , is the best time to travel.

How expensive is Port Barton?

When you eat out in Port Barton it is best to take into account about 500 pesos per person, although there are also local eateries where a meal costs only 50 pesos.

Do you want to explore the area around Port Barton? Take into account 500 pesos for a day of kayaking, or 500 pesos for renting a scooter for 24 hours. It is true that the petrol prices here are higher than in larger cities on Palawan.

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Travel Tips:

  • Bring Cash before going to Port Barton, although there is a new euronet atm's, not advisable to withdraw in this atm for it is known that it will take money from your atm without you noticing it.

Transportation in Port Barton:

You can get here by flying into Puerto Princesa and then taking a minivan to Port Barton. This journey takes about 3 hours, and costs about 600 pesos from the airport or 500 pesos from the bus terminal in Puerto Princesa. Another option is to fly into El Nido, and take a mini-van from the bus terminal to Port Barton. This takes about 4 hours and costs about 600 pesos per person. Often there is one more stop along the way for a visit to the toilet or to get food/drink.

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Travel Tips:

  • Upon arrival, register at the terminal and buy your eco card worth P50 that you can use for the rest of your stay.

Must See & Do in Port Barton

White Beach & Jungle bar

White Beach is a beautiful beach within walking distance of Port Barton. Here you can relax for a day. There are hammocks and there is a restaurant where you can get food and drinks. The walk here takes about 45 minutes, during which you walk through the beach and small pieces of jungle. No punishment if you ask us!

Walk another 15 minutes and you will find the Jungle bar here . Here you can relax on a pillow, enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and delicious food.

Admission for White Beach is 50 pesos.

Coconut beach

Coconut Beach is a beautiful deserted beach filled with palm trees. The beach is located between White Beach and Port Barton, so it is a little less walk. It is not possible to buy food or drinks on Coconut Beach, so it is useful to bring something with you. Of course you can also walk a bit to White Beach where you can arrange some food and drinks.

Admission for Coconut beach is 50 pesos.

Boat Tour

When you book a boat tour in Port Barton you can kill several birds with one stone. Along the way you will pass the pearl farm, for example, which is one of the main sources of income for Port Barton. Furthermore, during the tour you will see beautiful islands, bounty beaches and the most beautiful coral reefs.

The tour starts at 9 AM and you will be back in Port Barton around 4 PM. You pay 1200 pesos for the tour, which includes an island fee, snorkeling gear, water and a delicious lunch (for omnivores and vegetarians). You can book the tour via . On this tour you avoid the crowds of other tourists and try to have the islands and snorkeling spots to yourself. Ideal!

Pamuayan waterfall

The Pamuayan waterfall can be reached on foot in about an hour, but you can also get there by scooter. Don't expect a wide waterfall here, but a high one! You can also swim here, great to cool off on a hot day.

The Pamuayan waterfall is free to visit, but a small donation is appreciated.

Bigaho waterfall

The beautiful Bigaho waterfall can be reached by boat or motorbike. But beware: the road there is not very easy to pass, especially after a heavy rain shower!

A visit to the Bigaho waterfall costs 30 pesos.

Overnight camping

Camping is one of the best experiences in Port Barton. You will depart around 9:30 AM towards the beautiful islands and coral reefs, after which you will have lunch on a lovely bounty beach. Of course you can also go straight into the water and swim with a turtle. Around 4 pm you will go to the campsite where dinner will be prepared for you.

Later in the evening a campfire is made, and you can listen to guitar music while enjoying your beer and/or rum-cola. You spend the night in a tent and the next morning breakfast is ready for you. After breakfast you will go to the Bigaho waterfall and starfish island, after which you will be back in Port Barton around 12:00.

You can book this tour via and it costs 3500 pesos person.

Explore the area with a kayak

When you rent a kayak or canoe in Port Barton you can view the beautiful surroundings in an accessible way. For example, you can paddle to White Beach, Coconut Beach, Starfish island, Starfish Beach, Twin reef or to the mangrove that can be found close to White Beach.

If you want to rent a kayak for the whole day (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), it will cost you 500 pesos.

Explore the area with a scooter

You can also explore the Port Barton area with a scooter. If you don't trust yourself completely, you can always ask if a local will pick you up and drop you off of course. Accessible by scooter are: White beach, Jungle bar, Coconut Beach, Pamuayan waterfall, Bigaho waterfall or Long beach in San Vicente.

If you want to rent a scooter, it will cost you 500 pesos per 24 hours.

You can rent your motorbike from the rental shops around the town of Port Barton.

Got some time left in Port Barton?

Then get a massage! When you walk on the beach you see massage beds everywhere. For this you pay 500 pesos for an hour. Or head to Long Beach in San Vicente, where they have the longest beach in the Philippines at 14 kilometers.

Plan your trip to Palawan ahead, and book your activities ahead to save you more time and spend it more on good times.

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