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Travelling Around Palawan, the Only Transportation Guide You Need.

There are plenty of ways to move around the island of Palawan,

Here are are the most popular way of moving around the island.


A public transport popular with locals, available for public use.

There is one bus going to El Nido, from Puerto Princesa, see link below for schedule and trips.

For information and reservations,

Mini Van/ Shuttle

The most commonly used tourist transport in Palawan, available to any route in the Island, also available in shared and Private Charter.

Looking for transportation in Palawan?

Look no farther, contact Lagum Adventure for all you transport needs.

  • Shuttles/ Mini Van are all new models

  • Licensed to carry tourist passengers around Palawan

  • DOT Accredited and Safe

Air Transport

There used to be flights between, Busuanga to El Nido and vice versa, and El Nido to Puerto Princesa and Vice Versa, but due to the pandemic, these flights ceased to operate.

But there are available private chartered flights and helicopter rides in between this destinations. Check out link below:



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