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All About Linapacan Island, the things you need to know about the island.

Linapacan Island is one of the island groups in Palawan that is yet to be discovered by travelers. Situated almost between Coron and El Nido and far from urban life, Linapacan has never undergone any major developments unlike the two tourist destinations mentioned.

Linacapan is located south of the Calamian Group of Islands and has been added to the list of "35 Clearest Waters in the World to Swim in Before You Die" by CartagenaInfo in 2013, together with the famous Maldives Island. Not more than 20,000 people inhabit the island, making Linapacan serene and unspoiled.

History and Geology

Dating back to the 16th century when Spanish missionaries went to the Philippines, some of them were sent to Linacapan. Upon their arrival, they noticed the footprints on the shore and followed the traces to a hut where a woman lives.

They learned that she was the wife of the chieftain of the island and that her name was Pacan. The missionaries then decided to dub the island as Reina Pacan which eventually led to Linacapan. Linacapan is surrounded by more than fifty other islets, most of them are uninhabited and boast of equally stunning beaches.

These numerous attractions off the coast of Linapacan Island are Patoyo Island, Ariara Island, Inapupan Island, Cagbatan Island, and Eli & Mephdet Islands, to name a few.

Sights and Activities

Palawan's iconic landmarks are white beaches, lagoons, lakes, sandbars, and caves.

Linapacan Island is one of its kind to have most of these landmarks: the white-sand beach, cave, and sandbar. The island’s stretch of pristine white beach is a match for Boracay's.

Other than the usual sun basking and walking on the coastline, Linacapan offers a full day of sightseeing as it is home to iconic attractions.

One of its tourist spots is a marine sanctuary situated near San Miguel, the main town of Linapacan. The municipality is rich in marine life, so most tourists go to the town for snorkeling.

There is also an 18th-century Spanish fort at Caseledan in Linacapan that visitors can visit. On top of that, there are island hopping packages that guests can avail in Linacapacan.

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