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Top Travel Essentials on your Philippine Trip, A MUST have on your travel list in the Philippines.

Don't want to miss anything that you need on your Philippine Adventure?

Here are our top on the list!

In no particular order:


You don't want to miss this on your travel in the island, with more than 90% of the year being sunny day, this is a MUST.

Check out our store below:

Dry Bag

With so many beautiful beaches and islands, and countless of water activities to choose from, you don't want to get those important things getting water on it.

Passport Holder

Keep your important document safe and secure, get a passport holder where its easy to keep and to keep it safe.

Clothes travel organizer

It pays to be organize, specially to maximize the space in your luggages so to minimize your carry on luggage!


It will come in handy specially travelling to secluded tourists spots around the country, keep away from a dusty road,

A Waterproof Backpack Cover

Protect those backpacks, specially when you are a backpacker - good to wear dry clothes isn't it?

Lightweight Waterproof Bag

Going hiking somewhere? Or just want to keep your important thigs dry during adventure?


For more of your travel essential needs, check out our online store, yes we deliver world wide, shipping cost applicable.


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