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Top Private Tours in El Nido, Your Local Guide to the Best Private Island Activity in El Nido.

Getting a private tour has a lot of advantages, here are some of them,

  • When you book a private tour, you can avoid crowded places

  • The comfort of having your own Boat and Crew

  • If you want to stay in an island longer, you can do (as long as the boat is back in town on time)

  • Among many others.

Here are some of the most popular private island activities in El Nido, in no Particular Order.

Private Tour A


  • Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Payong-Payong, Secret Lagoon, and Seven Commando

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This is one of our favourite tour too! You will see it when you do it, you will see many highlights of the island in this activity, like the Big Lagoon.

Fishing with the Local Fisherman

A Very unique way to experience the other side of El Nido, the local culture thru fishing, learn how to fish and swim in a small secluded island only locals go, and what more, beautiful corals.

Lunch is prepared in the island while you enjoy the serenity of the island without other travellers.

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El Nido Highlights Tour

You enjoy the view, we hand picked the best of El Nido so you can enjoy every minute of your stay in the islands.

For more details, check out link below:

Linapacan Island Adventure

Dubbed as the clearest water that you can swim all your life, yes it is nicknamed as such with a reason.

Explore one of the most secluded beaches and islands of Palawan, this means you would get to enjoy an island on your own and the most beautiful beach you can ever imagine.

El Nido Catamaran Yacht Tour

Explore the island of El Nido in style, lounge at a private beach with an awesome view of Strait of El Nido. Beautiful corals just a step away from your lunch table.

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