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Top Old School Beers in the Philippines, your guide to the best beers in the Philippines to try!

I remember our second eldest brother asked me to buy beer in the neighborhood, "Lucio buy me BEER MUCHO!", hahahahaha, I can still remember how he asked me with a smile in his face.

My brother is a moderate drinker and a military serviceman, who finds happiness around his family.

Those beer buying time is one of my best memories, the loss change is mine! Oh yeah.

Here are the list of the Beers that once a staple in many neighborhood stores, that we were too young to try, or too late to try because many of them are not in the neighborhood anymore.

Gold Eagle Beer

Still in the Neighborhood!

Definitely my brothers favourite and I don't know why, I tried the beer myself when I am already at legal age to drink according to my elders.

Launched in 1982!

Stag Pale Pilsen

Because of its cheap price, this slightly bitter beer with a “complex” aroma by Asia Brewery found an unintended market – high school boys sneaking in a few drinks at house parties. Its most notable endorser was action star Jeric Raval, who is said to embody the young market at the time, with a campaign titled “Sa Daigdig ng Malaya” where the message is you can be anything you want to be. - Esquire Magazine

Launched in 1995!

Manila Beer

Manila Beer is a premium all-malt strong alcoholic drink that can give you a quick kick once you take a sip. Compared to other beer brands, it has a fuller body and a cleaner taste with only the finest ingredients, thus, giving you premium taste in every gulp.

Launched in 1985!

Beer Hausen

A household name in my younger years together with its competitors at his time, first launched in 1982, I'm too young to taste this beer, too bad.

Beer na Beer

Still in the Neighborhood!

Definitely one of my favourite old school beer, once you taste it, brings back nostalgic feeling, although the beer has a watery light taste, but still the feeling of nostalgia is the best!

Launched in 1992!

Max Premium Beer

Never really heard of this Beer

Launched 1983

Halili Beer

This bottle is standing in a museum, demn. Popular around 1960!


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