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Top 6 Things to do when Visiting El Nido, Palawan

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

El Nido has been hailed by many respected travel authority as one of the BEST Islands to visit in the World.

Sharing our Top Activities when visiting the island in no particular order.

1. Island Hopping Activities

This is a must do when visiting the islands, El Nido have more than 40 islands around, and local tourism has range of island hopping activities where you can visit the most beautiful islands to visit in the archipelago.

Kayak your way to the Big Lagoon & Small Lagoon!

For more details, visit,

2. Sunset in Las Cabanas Beach

After day filled activities in the island, head to Las Cabanas Beach for sunset. The place where you can witness the most beautiful sunset in the island.

3. Taraw Cliff Hike

Witness the majestic sunrise from the highest peak of El Nido. A 30 minutes hike to the peak. Best enjoyed with sunrise.

4. Surf Lesson at Duli Beach

Learn surfing or just simply enjoy the stunning view and the water of Duli Beach!

Accommodation: Duli Beach Resort

5. Visit Nacpan Beach

Enjoy the white sandy beach of Nacpan, with a margarita in the nearby beach bar, or just lie down on the sand and get that tanned!

6. Overnight Camping

Imagine being in the island, with starry starry night and only the sound of the splashing waves in the sand.

Tours & Activities

El Nido Adventure Tour



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