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Top 5 El Nido Activities for the Whole Family, The Local Guide to Activities for Travelling Families

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Visiting Palawan with family soon?

Here are some of the activities that the whole family can enjoy, it doesn't matter if you have a baby, toodlers or kids with you,

Island Hopping

Book an island hopping activities that good for everybody in the family, check out activities below:

Customize Tours

Lagum Adventure can customize your tours, and available only in private, best of el nido's islands and beaches will be part of the tour that is suitable for the whole family, including seniors!

Sample Itinerary >>

Beach Tours

Want to work out on those tan lines, and just lying in the beach is your ideal thing, there are plenty of nice nearby beaches to chill with your kids around El Nido.

For beach tours activities, contact Lagum Adventure Tour, +639457650047

Charter a Private Boat

Charter a boat for few hours and head to one of the island beautiful beaches, and sit under the palm trees and watch your kids play in the beach sand, while you enjoy the beautiful backdrop of El Nido Archipelago, and what more, you can choose a quiter place so you can enjoy it with your whole family few few hours!

Help build those sand castles!


Protect your cash and phones from getting wet! Check out the product below:

Top of the line and convenient to carry!


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