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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in The Philippines,

Philippines, a tropical country in the South East Asia, with more than 7000 Islands, constantly in the radar of many prestigious travel authorities, and currently ranks as one of the places with the Most Beautiful Islands in the World to visit.

Too much for the introduction, of course Philippines is not just beautiful islands, more than 80 percent of the population speaks fluent English, that is why it is also a home to many call centers, catering to many hot shots and big companies all over the world, and a bucket list travel destinations to many celebrities and the richest.

So here it is, your Top 10 Best Places to visit in The Philippine Islands,

Banaue Rice Terraces

The rice terraces of Banaue are one of the most striking things to see in the Philippines. The emerald-green terraces are an agricultural wonder in this area. Your most impressive view of the terraces is at sunrise, when clouds and fog lift off the mountain to reveal the intricate landscape of the terraces.

The Batad Rice Terraces and the Bangaan Rice Terraces are protected UNESCO World Heritage sites. For a deeper taste of this region, take a stroll through the Banaue Ethnic Village or the Hiwang Village to mingle with the indigenous people who farm the rice terraces.

Baguio City

The Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is a city tucked away in a mountainous region on Luzon Island. Though it is a city, Baguio is intimate and reminiscent of a cottage-type environment. Baguio is called the City of Pines for the rich pine forests and cooler temperatures that surround it. You can explore one of the many hiking and biking trails or take in a round of golf at one of the resorts in the area.

Baguio is unique to other destinations in the Philippines because the city is surrounded by trees and not water. Parks like Mines View and Burnham let you enjoy some of the flora and fauna that are special to this region. Be sure to spend some time along Session Road, which is the main drag through Baguio, where you can take in a slice of local life.

Cebu, Philippines

The island of Cebu, in the central Visayas region, is considered the port to some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Philippines. If you are an underwater enthusiast, Cebu is one of your best options for excursions that get you up-close to whale sharks, coral reefs, and sea turtles.

Some of the most spectacular scenery from the water near Cebu are the sea caves that attract photographers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for unique diving and snorkeling sites. The Sudlon National Park, located approximately an hour from Cebu City, is a breathtaking park to explore and hike. While Cebu's greatest draw is its water, Cebu City is a metropolitan area, with tourist attractions like museums and cathedrals that will interest history buffs.

Siargao Island, Surigao

The only surfing capital of the Philippines, where big surfing events are held every year, like Siargao Cloud 9 Surfing Cup Men's Qualifying Seriesa, among many others.

But don't be deceived, this island is not just for the surfers, it is for everybody, this island is never short of beautiful islands to visit and inland natural wonders like, Sugba Lagoon.

Apo Island, Negros Oriental

The island is an eco-traveler's dream. The protected landscape is some of the most untouched in the country. For great views of the island and the water go to the Apo Island View Deck. To get a sense of life on the island for the locals take a stroll on the Lagoon Trail through the Apo Village to see the local flora and fauna and engage with those who live on the island.

Davao City, Philippines

Home Town to the Previous President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, hailed as one of the safest city in the world to live, and the largest city in the world (244,000 hectares), and is also considered the Orchid Capital of the Philippines.

Bohol , Philippines.

Resting Place of one of the UNESCO Site in the Philippines, Chocolate Hills and to the one of the oldest church in the Philippines, Baclayon Church.

Its country side is just one of a kind, with many protected natural parks that you can visit, like Balicasag Island - with a wonderful cliff like underwater mountains - full of beautiful corals and its inhabitants.

Boracay Island, Philippines

Once closed by the Duterte Administration for six months, this decision came about when the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, visited the island and became concerned that the famous white sand beaches and crystal clear waters had been transformed into a “cesspool” due to sustained environmental damage.

Now that the islands is recovering from its closure, and with the initiative of the the national government, its natural beauty is ready to accept travellers again.

Coron, Palawan

This part of Palawan is one of the top destination in the Philippines.

With its Jurassic Park island looks, and the Natural Wonder of Kayangan Lake, and the resting place of many Japanese Warships lying under its crystal clear water - that you can see some of them from 20 meters below the sea water.

A haven for scuba divers and beach lovers alike, this destination is a must on your visit list the Philippines!

For Tours and Activities, Lagum Adventure (El Nidoa Adventure Tour), organizes daily activities in Coron, check out the link below:

El Nido, Palawan

A hot shot when it comes to beautiful islands and beaches, there is something in this island destination, that only when you visit it that you feel it, its like " I wanna be here as long as I can", yes one of the best island in the World to visit.

With its karst island limestone formation from million of years ago, surely a place that you will fall in love.

Check out our blogs post about the Island on the link below,


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