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Puerto Princesa Travel Update, No More SPASS Required & No More Testing

With the opening of the Philippine Borders to International Travels, and easing of restrictions in local travels.

Puerto Princesa lifted its alert level status to one (1).

What does it mean to the travelerrs entering the City of Puerto Princesa?

  1. All inbound travelers to Puerto Princesa City are no longer required to apply for an S-PASS Travel Coordination Permit (TCP).

  2. Puerto Princesa City is now OPEN TO ALL INBOUND PASSENGERS, regardless of their category (Returning Residents/APOR/non-residents) and vaccination status (fully vaccinated/partially vaccinated/unvaccinated).

  3. No need for any testing.

Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who will travel from provinces with Alert Level 2 status (connecting flight to Manila) is still required to take the Rapid Antigen Test 1 day before their date of departure.

Fully vaccinated ones will be considered to not present any tests.

Travelers will undergo on-site health assessment and validation upon their arrival at the PPC international airport.

The city Governmant of Puerto Princesa request every passenger's cooperation on this on-site process for monitoring purposes, and all must still comply with the safety protocols during their stay such as wearing face masks in public places and observe social distancing.


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