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Palawan, A must Itinerary, your best guide to the best Palawan Itinerary - Part II: Port Barton

Creating an itinerary can be tedious, and difficult. Checking all the top places to visit on your limited travel time.

(Dream Big, Travel Far)

If you are looking for an awesome Palawan Itinerary, here are some of the best , based on travellers inputs,

Destination : Port Barton and El Nido

(The Wandering Mind)

Port Barton in one of the most beautiful destinations in Palawan and one of the most laid back of them all,

Here you can just sit or lie beside the beach and do nothing at all, the serene and quite vibe make it so special, so special to those who wants to take a break from their busy travel schedule.

So here are some of the activities and top spots to visit when in Port Barton!

1. Island Hopping Actvities

Island hopping activities is a must when visiting any of the destinations in Palawan, this will let you see and get a glimpse how beautiful Palawan is, and in different perspective.

Suggested activities:


For Private Transport and Tour Arrangement, Lagum Adventure organizes trips and transport in Port Barton


El Nido

For El Nido Itinerary and Activities, please check out the link below:

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