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El Nido : Pandemic Time

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Palawan surely made a lot of headlines in the travel world, it was mentioned few times, in different prestigious travel authority, as one of the best places to visit in the world.

Its many beautiful unique islands, clear waters, and local culture, Palawan is surely a place not to miss on your travel itinerary when visiting South East Asia.

The island is so promising , that the tourism in the island reached its new height when it comes to tourists arrivals, alleviating the life of many locals.

And then, covid 19 strikes.

Empty accommodations, empty streets, empty islands, and empty beaches.

These prompted businesses to close, slowly, one by one.

Then it turned into a ghost town.

All the streets that used to be packed with travelers, became so empty. Travelers are nowhere to be found.

A month passed, a year passed, and finally restrictions eases.

With newly built hospitals, the nature healing, El Nido is better than ever, better than it was when the pandemic started.

See for yourself, a must be in your itinerary when visiting the island Philippines!

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