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Balabac Island, a guide to one of the most secluded islands of Palawan.

Why you should visit BALABAC once in your life?

If you love white sand beaches, sandbars, wide stretches of clear & turquoise waters, hopping to virgin islands, and wanting an escape to oblivion or better yet experience solitude far from the concrete jungle you live in, BALABAC is definitely the perfect place to go!

Balabac is a group of 31 islands, many of which are totally uninhabited. You’ll find pink sand beaches, vibrantly colored coral, a wide range of marine life, endemic mouse deer, and welcoming locals. But what you won’t find are many other foreigners. Which means that this off-the-beaten-path island paradise will be yours to enjoy, all by yourself!

Where is it located?

Balabac is a remote municipality located in the southernmost tip of Palawan, Philippines. The Last Frontier of the Last Frontier.

It is composed of about 30 islands where you can find the BEST island in the country --- ONUK Island --- and the pristine powdery white sand beaches and sandbars in the other islands.

In Balabac, you are only 3-4 hours away to Malaysia!


When is the Best Time of the Year to visit?

During the summer is ideal until May. Avoid the habagat season from June-August and the amihan season from Mid-November to early February as winds & waves can be unforgiving.

Check weather forecasts as you go near your travel dates especially if they fall when the monsoons hit. Contact your local tour provider before pushing thru. Don't force your way going there with a bad weather looming.

What are the necessary things to bring?

Well, you can bring anything you like but here's a list of must-haves:

1. Personal necessities. From personal hygiene to maintenance medicines to mosquito nets, etc. Whatever you need that you can't live without.

2. Power banks. High capacities for multiple charges that would last for the entire duration of your stay and for all your gadgets. If u can bring more then you'd have no problem. There's no 24-hour electricity in the islands. Gensets are generally for night lights. it cannot charge fast and you may not be the only one needing a charge.

3. Blankets, jackets, or the likes to fight off the cold breezy nights and mornings. If u can bring neck pillows, you'd have a good night's sleep as your tour provider may not provide that in the islands.

4. First Aid Kit w/medicines including for allergies. You'll never know they might come in handy.

5. Flashlight.

6. Swimwears & Gears. Snorkeling gears may not be provided so better bring if you have one.

7. Waterproof cases for phones. Be careful using your phone as a GoPro remote without a waterproof case, the probability of dropping it is high.

8. Dry bag or waterproof bags. To store and keep your gears and important items dry during tours. Your bulky travel bags will be left at island campsites.

9. Lights snacks or chocolates. You'll need something to digest or nibble with the long boat trips or when u get hungry during the expedition.

10. Shades/sun visors and caps or headdress from the scorching heat of the sun.

11. Sun blocks, mosquito repellants, and if you know of repellants for Niknik (sand flies/mites), bring it for the inevitable bites at Punta Sebaring.

12. It is still best to bring non-disposable water bottles. Being Eco-friendly really helps.

13. GoPros, Cameras, Videocams, Drones, Gimbals, etc. You wouldn't want to forget those. Be sure to delete or transfer existing photos from your gadgets as you'll need all the memory u can get for the sites you are about to see there.

14. In-ear earphones, over-ear headphones, or just earplugs. The noise of the boat engine is kind of irritating, you'd feel a bit deaf and a bit painful to the ear with prolonged noise exposure. These are multiple long boat trips that you'll be in, so better protect your ears.

15. Save or download music or Netflix movies. That will get you thru the long boat trips and something to watch or listen to when boredom strikes.

16. Don't forget to bring towels. 'Sea to Summit' towels are best to bring. They are relatively thin, light to carry, dries fast, and virtually odorless.

Being a first-time traveller to Balabac may get you overexcited about the thought of finally making your way to experience the best pristine beaches in the country which you may already seen on travel blogs, vlogs, fb posts, or stories from someone who has been there before.

However, you may also feel the anxiety or fear on you're way there. Just relax! It's SAFE in Balabac.

Once you've acclimated yourself, the only hurdle you'll have to go through is that long arduous journey to actually get there.

How to get there?

Book a flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Upon arrival, make your way to Puerto's V-Hire & Bus Terminal. Expect 10 long hours of travel by land and sea to get to Balabac. That far? Yep!

It is advisable to get a guided tour and book with the local tour company doing a regular trip in Balabac, book with Lagum Adventure Balabac Island Adventure. This is to make the everything arrange everything that you need for the trip, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride to one of the most secluded part of Palawan.

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