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A Guide to Travelling in Style in Palawan, A Guide to Luxury Activities in El Nido.

Want to Explore El Nido in style?

Here are some of our favourite travel in style activities in Palawan.

Catamaran Yacht Tour

Popular with celebrities and individuals who want to experience El Nido in a luxurious way,

Discover the marine treasures under the crystal-clear blue waters and the secret lagoons behind those towering limestone cliffs aboard the SeaCret, a 50ft sailing catamaran.

Savour every bit of the moment while lounging on a comfy bean bag or the trampouline over cocktails, amidst the gentle sea breeze.

For Inquiries and Reservations, click link below:

Speed Boat Tour

Get away from the crowds and enjoy the experience of island hopping in the safety and comfort of your own Private Seaduction Speedboat while being surrounded by the views of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines - voted the World's Best Island in 2020.

Indulge in a day of Seaduction. Make your tropical fantasies come alive with an exhilarating ride on a luxury speedboat, VIP-style, and hideaway into a secluded private white-sand beach… possibly all to yourself.

For more information about the trip itinerary and rates, click link below:

Paraw Sailing

Enjoy El Nido with this humongous Paraw Sailing Boat!

Climb aboard a traditional Paraw, a Filipino sailboat. This vessel is truly unique, adorned with tribal carvings and modern rigging, she is the largest remaining Paraw in the Philippines.

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