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5 Best Beaches to Visit in Coron, Palawan - Your Local Guide to Best Beaches in Palawan Part II

Palawan just recently, again, voted as one of the BEST ISLANDS in the World by many prestigious travel magazine.

And you've probably says "wow". And wow it is!

Here are the top beaches to visit in Coron, Palawan on your Visit.

Banul Beach

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Banol Beach (also called Banul Beach) is a pretty sight thanks to the extra fine white powdery sand that could almost convince you that you are in the Maldives. The turquoise waters that gently lap Banol Beach are almost eerily beautiful, especially when the sun is shining.

Laze on the sand and top up your tan, go for a swim, snorkel, or enjoy sea kayaking surrounded by the pristine natural décor.

Banol is only about 160 metres long, but hosts a good choice of bars and restaurants.

Atwayan Beach

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Atwayan Beach is nestled at the bottom of a tiny bay located on the northwest coast of Coron Island. The strip of sand is no longer than 100 metres, and you’ll find a cool bar and restaurant serving seafood, local and international dishes located toward the southern end of the beach.

Atwayan Beach’s limestone karst backdrop covered with tropical trees and plants is simply stunning. Its waters offer great snorkelling and the sandy expanse is much less crowded than Banol Beach.

Malcapuya Island Beach

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Malcapuya is a small island approximately 800 metres at its longest by 180m wide at its widest. It is located a 1.5-hour boat trip from Coron Town, between Tampel and Bulacao Islands to the south of Coron Bay. Malcapuya Island is surrounded by a splendid beach and offers great snorkelling opportunities. You can buy fresh coconut water and other drinks on site.

Coron Youth Club Beach

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Also known as CYC Beach, Coron Youth Club is the only public beach in Coron. Located south of Uson Island, about 6 km from Coron Town proper, CYC Beach is part of a tiny island surrounded by an impressive coral reef that offers an outstanding snorkelling spot.

Smith Point Beach

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Smith Point Beach is nestled in an almost circular small bay located just south of Banol Beach on the northwest coast of Coron Island. The beach itself is less than 100 metres in length and the bay features splendid limestone karst formations dotted all around its crystal clear waters.

Smith Point Beach offers great swimming and snorkelling as the bay hosts lively coral reefs that house a multitude of marine species, including plentiful starfish.

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