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5 Best Beaches & Islands to visit in El Nido, Your local guide to the best Beaches in Palawan Part 1

Palawan just recently, again, voted as one of the BEST ISLANDS in the World by many prestigious travel magazine.

And you've probably says "wow". And wow it is!

Here are the top beaches to visit in El Nido Palawan on your Visit.

#1 Pinagbuyutan Island

This is definitely our favourite island and beach to visit, the island itself is so stunning, so beautiful to stare at from the boat and stepping on it is on another level of excitement!

#2 Nacpan Beach

The second longest white sand beach in the Philippines, yes next to the one in San Vicente, The Long Beach.

I can't find the word to describe it, beautiful is underrated. Visit it when you have time.

#3 Duli Beach

A surfing spot, and a white sand beach at the same time. With the lush greenery backdrop, coconut trees lining up, and sand so fine, definitely the travel time going here worth every minute of it!

#4 Shimizu Island

Named after a Japanese Explorer who was once one of the pioneer exploring the islands of El Nido.

A favourite diving spot, and turtles haven.

#5 Paradise Beach

I know its familiar, that is why it is one of the best in the island, located at the majestic Cadlao Island.

Get lucky and be able to spot the resident turtles and monkeys. One of the best spot to just enjoy the view of the El Nido Archipelago.

Curious? Book a Private Tour D!

There are actually more beautiful beaches and islands in El Nido, and its for you to discover!

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