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The Calmness, and the Good Vibe

Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan.

I did a trip, deciding on the spot, the last time I set foot on this beautiful and easy small town in Palawan, was two years ago.

Electricity are scarce, limited and timed. But then it never let visitors stop from visiting this calm and unassuming town, with beautiful beaches and islands to offer, it may not be the limed stone shape islands in both Coron and El Nido, but then it is worth your time, I can guarantee.

And so, visited just recently, or few days ago.

Damn, it was not quite as I was expected, the moment I set foot again on its white sandy beach, the coolness of the vibe, the calmness of the water, the quite sound of the waves, it felt like, I want to be here long, or if not, this is gonna be my escape in the different life of El Nido.

Staying in the island is way cheaper than that of its counter part, El Nido and Coron, plenty of not pricy accommodations that you can choose from, fan rooms of course, beachfront or just a few meters steps away from the beach.

You may check out the following link :

And more is coming on our website, so please keep coming back for more important information that you may be able to use on your Palawan Trip.

Anyway, was looking for an accommodation in the beachfront, and after few minutes, and few meters walk, I found one, and this is my view.

I know its beautiful.

So dinner came, went around looking for a place to eat, plenty of choices, beachfront, and not.

From meat lovers to vegetarians, and vegans too!

Night scene? Oh yeah, was walking in the beach after dinner, and saw this, a reggae bar filled with travelers, due to its cheap beer, chill vibe, great reggae music. I thought they were only playing reggae songs on radio! But the NO! One of the coolest and most chill vibe reggae music bar in Philippines that I've been to, end up spending the rest of my nights in this place.

So, great vibe, nice white sandy beaches, good food, cheap place to stay - with plenty of options, a quite town, great awesome feeling.

A holiday feel, even if you're not on HOLIDAY! That is how I can correctly describe this place.

How to get here:

From Puerto,

An hourly trip, airconditioned mini bus (van), at P500/person.

You may rent a private van, price ranging from, 5500-6500 pesos. This is good for a group of up to 8 persons.

From El Nido,

Schedule is only, 8am and 1pm, at P600/person. You may rent a private van too! From P6000/van one way.


Dorm Type : From P300/person (fan room)

Double Rm: From P600 2 persons (fan room)

Of course there are more expensive options, air-conditioned rooms and beachfront. Yeah you can enjoy the coolness of air conditioned rooms, thanks to the new 24/7 availability of electricity in the town.

For more informations, you may contact us at,

Or visit our website :

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