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An Adventure to the best of Palawan

Palawan, Philippines is dubbed as the most beautiful island in the world, beating many islands, including Santorini, Mallorca and among others.

And since then, Palawan Philippines never feel out fo the Top 10 Lists, of the most beautiful islands in the world, from many prestigious travel magazines.

And the reasons are simple the stunning beauty of the island. See for yourself on the video below, from #lagumadventure

It's not just the beautiful islands of Palawan, the people in itself are one of the friendliest around the world, and the warmest you can ever encounter.

Went for a trip, known as, The Linapacan Island Adventure,a 2 days and 1 night adventure, that will surely let you discover for yourself, why the island of Palawan is dubbed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Maosonon Island, Linapacan

Linapacan Island, in Palawan, is also known as one of the clearest water that you can swim in the world, and probably the best in the Philippines.

The adventure took us to many beautiful destinations and pit stop along the way. Swim in the clearest water, saw an infinite like aquarium with so much fishes and awesome live corals.

Was able to experience, fishing the local way, using traditional way of fishing. The foods in the boat prepared by the crew was so fres, cooked from the boat kitchen, and the freshest seafoods they can find.

Camp Site, Linapacan Island Camping Site

At night, we did sleep in one of the island in Linapacan, sleeping under the stars and only the sound of the ocean, and the coolness of the sea breeze.

We were able to see how the locals live their daily lives, by visiting some of the local fishing village in a small islands, where people main source of income, is of course from fishing.

It was a really nice adventure, we were happy to have experience the, Linapacan Island Adventure, a 2 days and 1 night adventure that will surely make you wanna stay for more.



1. Fishing - the local way

2. Swimming and Snorkelling

3. Community Immersion

4. Meeting people of different races and walks of life

5. Sightseeing


1. All fees and entrances

2. Mask and snorkel

3. All Meals

4. Unlimited rum and coke in the campsite

5. Sodas and water

6. Limited Beers

7. Sleeping Tent

8. Awesome adventure of a lifetime. A unique adventure.

9. Away from the tourist crowd

10. Clearest water that you can swim

11. Awesome empty beaches

12. Beautiful Corals and many fishes

13. and more...

Price: P6900/each (Group Tour/Joiner)

Trip Schedule: Every Monday and Friday only.

Start Time: 930AM (1st day)

End Time: 5PM (2nd day)


Experience the best of Palawan Philippines, only here.

" Let the adventure begin "

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