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Ultimate Adventure

Palawan made it again to the list of, The Best Island in the World, not just made it to list, but it landed on the Top Spot, yeah, " The Best Island in the World ". It's not easy to decipher why Palawan made it to the top spot of the best island in the world.

Palawan is home to few UNESCO Heritage Site, Subterranean River (Underground River), and Tubbataha Reefs National Park. These are the UNESCO Site in Palawan.

I don't how they rate, who goes to the top spot and who don't. But Palawan is the Best Island in World can offer.

One reason is El Nido.

Heading to the Small Lagoon

There are more than 40 islands in the archipelago of El Nido, extraordinary islands.

And there are a lot of activities too! That will surely don't wanna make you leave the island life.

If you want the best of El Nido, Ultimate Adventure is a must try.

About the Adventure

The adventure will last for a minimum 3 Days and 2 Nights, up to 5 nights. Depending on schedule availability.

Taking the schedule availability, if you're planning to take the adventure, ensure the date is available. You may check the site below for schedules:

1. Swimming in a life size and real aquarium

2. Community Immersion : Experience first hand on how the people living in one of the islands survived and live their lives.

3. Awesome smile from the heart, from the crew.

4. Untouched Corals.

5. New Friends

6. How it feels like sailing in a Philippine Made and design boat.

7. Sleep in one of the empty islands along the way.

8. Stunning white sand beaches.

9. Freshest catch of the day.

10. Bonfire

11. So much fun

12. More stunning islands

13. And another beautiful island!

Adventure Inclusions

1. All your meals : Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (Buffet)

2. Drinking Water

3. Unlimited Alcohol

4. Tent to sleep, w/ pillow and mattresses

5. All Government Fees

6. Use of Mask and Snorkel

7. Life Vest

8. Bonfire

9. Licensed Guide

10. Boat of course, with maximum capacity of more than 40 Passengers

11. Good Vibes along the way

After the Tour

Friendships are purge - some remains and many eventually forgets. The thought of not letting the adventure ends, the thoughts of - why couldn't life be this way, nothing to worry, only pure bliss.

Some can't stop their tears from falling, with reasons that maybe we know and, probably don't know about.

It's really hard to say goodbye, even if you only knew the people on the adventure. Maybe because everybody's united by the natural wonder of nature.

If you want to experience the best adventure of your life, visit the site below:

or contact them at,