Awesome People, Awesome Place

I've been in the island of Palawan, few times, 3 times! 3 times before I decided to stay longer than the usual one week stay. Stayed for almost a month on the 4th visit, and the last one was more than a month.

I am sure many of you won't be surprised, specially when you already visited the island before. And for those asking, why? Well, love at first sight, it is really true, love at first sight. Every time I set foot on the island, from the view on top of a passenger plane, and from the time the plane set its wheel on the runway, it fells like my first time and the feeling of excitement is still the same.

I called El Nido as my home, you need a watch for the time of the sunset, the rest, you can look from the position of the sun. The place have gain popularity from tourist and adventure seekers around the Globe. Backpackers, budget travelers and luxury travelers alike. You will never run out of things to do in El Nido, from Island hopping, exploring inlands, discovering its local culture, or just sitting beside the beautiful beach of Nacpan and Merimegmeg Beach with a good book in one hand and beer on the other hand. Whatever it is that you wanted to do in an island, El Nido won't fall short in you.

People come and go in Palawan, but there are few who fell in love with the place and stayed longer than the rest, some decided to migrate, doing business around the touristy town, There is one from the west selling hotdog sandwich at night and the other is selling Hungarian food along the sidewalk. People from around the globe are given freedom to live life that they want, by integrating to society and abiding it's local laws. People of all races lives harmoniously, seldom you will hear some misunderstanding and fights, which is caused by people not living in El Nido.

I have been to many tours in El Nido, Expedition, Overnight camping, Island hopping and been with a group in diverse nationalities. i can't stop but be proud seeing them blown away by the beauty around them. Most of them tells me, I don't want to leave this place anymore, I wanna stay here forever, we don't have this kind of place back in our country, this is the most beautiful that I've ever been my entire journey, that this experience will last forever, and many more. Some of the reasons above are the same reason why many of them decided to migrate in the island and do a living. You will see number of foreign nationals owning a business all over Palawan.

Some of the people I've meet in El Nido have been travelling almost around the world, having the adventure in their life. I met one who made a bike trip from Hanoi to, I can't remember anymore, 3000 km bike ride. And bought his bike in Vietnam and sold it after the trip. The other who work for Google and traveled the world for 6 months and Microsoft in Cali is waiting for him. 2 lady best friends from Chile who've been on the road for almost a year, travelling the world too! Students from school break. A Guy who been working from nation to nation just to support his stay. A solo traveler from Argentina who stayed 2 weeks mostly in the Hostel. A family who don't speaks but keep on smiling because of what they see. Group of friends from Sweden who was having so much good time and laughing out loud all night under the moon and the stars. Group of people dancing like there is no tomorrow. All kinds of couples having good time. Drunks but not wasted. Sleeping in the sand. covered with sands. Family of 5. Brothers, couples, best friends, buddies, lovers, students, professionals, adventure seekers, all of them went to see Palawan for the same reason, the best place on earth, they heard, they've read the reviews, and now they are experiencing it themselves. And it never failed their expectations, the fact is, it's exceeding their expectations unimaginable.

What are you waiting for, grab yourself and pick those backpacks and see for yourself how beautiful Palawan is!

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