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P 17,900




Day One: 

During this first day, we’ll explore a few spots in Coron and even more so in Culion, notably the Ditaytayan Island with its long beach and very picturesque sandbar. The first night will be spent in a campsite in the same area, with activities, bonfire and drinks to enjoy and relax the beauty of the night sky.

Day Two:

After appreciating the sunrise in the morning, you’ll go for a second day of island adventures in Culion and then Linapacan. Among other activities, you’ll experience cliff jumping and snorkelling in some the clearest water on earth. The second night will be spent in one of our campsites in the area of Linapacan.

Day Three: 

The day will start will an exciting adventure: turtle watching. After seeing these peaceful and mesmerizing animals, you’ll discover some of the best snorkelling spots in Palawan and the whole Philippines. A few other stops are programmed on the way, to leave you with great memories of your trip. The arrival in El Nido will be around 4:30 PM.

🏴‍☠️ Travelers Spots

Araw Beach, Cagdanao Island, Calibang Island, Dipalian Island, Ditaytayan Island, Inapupuan Island, Linapacan Tourists Camp, Malobotlobot Island, Manlihan Island, Nacpan Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Tacling Island




  • Full Board Meal (Vegetarian / Vegan / Pescatarian / No Preference​)

  • Drinking Water

  • Alcoholic Drinks and Beverages

  • Sleeping Tent/ Beach Hut - Complete with sleeping accessories - Pillow and Mattress

  • All Fees (Entrances and Local Government Fees

  • Snorkelling Gears (No Fins)


  • Perfect Weather

  • Tips

  • Other Expenses that the guests might incur during the trip


Our campsite and basecamp are selected properly, taking into consideration guests real island experience.

You will be sleeping in a beach hut or in a tent, this will depend on the island we stop to rest at night.

And all stops will depend on the weather and water condition at the time of the adventure.

We value experience and security of all the travellers that travels with us.


As this is also a food trip, an experience of Filipino Food Culture, you will be treated to the freshest seafoods that the vast ocean is abundant with, all is prepared the Filipino way! Mixed with freshest meat and vegetables we can find. ​​

Vegetarian and Vegan Options are also available​





(**Please follow date of scheduled trip below when booking, bookings that are not in the dates listed will be cancelled automatically and will not be confirmed)

Coron ⚓ El Nido

3 Days/ 2 Nights


May 2024

4-6/ 10-12 / 16-18 / 22-24 / 28-30 / 30-1 Jun

June 2024

​June 2-4: 3D2N
June 4-6: 3D2N
June 8-10: 3D2N
June 12-14: 3D2N
June 16-18: 3D2N
June 20-22: 3D2N
June 24-26: 3D2N
June 28-30: 3D2N

September 2024

September 8-12: 3D2N
September 12-14: 3D2N
September 16-18: 3D2N
September 20-22: 3D2N
September 24-26:3D2N
September 28-30: 3D2N

October 2024

October 2-4: 3D2N
October 4-6: 3D2N
October 6-8: 3D2N
October 8-10: 3D2N
October 10-12: 3D2N
October 12-14: 3D2N
October 14-16: 3D2N
October 16-18: 3D2N
October 18-20: 3D2N
October 20-22: 3D2N
October 22-24: 3D2N
October 24-26: 3D2N
October 26-28: 3D2N
October 28-30: 3D2N
Oct. 30-Nov. 1st: 3D2N

November 2024

November 2-4: 3D2N
November 4-6: 3D2N
November 6-8: 3D2N
November 8-10: 3D2N
November 10-12: 3D2N
November 12-14: 3D2N
November 14-16: 3D2N
November 16-18: 3D2N
November 18-20: 3D2N
November 20-22: 3D2N
November 22-24: 3D2N
November 24-26: 3D2N
November 26-28: 3D2N
November 28-30: 3D2N
Nov. 30-Dec. 2: 3D2N

December 2024

December 1-3: 3D2N
December 2-4: 3D2N
December 4-6: 3D2N
December 6-8: 3D2N
December 8-10: 3D2N
December 10-12: 3D2N
December 13-15: 3D2N
December 16-18: 3D2N
December 18-20: 3D2N
December 20-22: 3D2N
December 22-24: 3D2N
December 24-26: 3D2N
December 26-28: 3D2N
December 28-30: 3D2N
Dec. 30-Jan. 1st: 3D2N




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