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One of our Core business value, is to help people around our business.

  • Giving a decent livelihood to community around our business - like helping fishermen, by means of letting travelers experience fishing the local way, with our " fish w/ the local activity ", in which most of the proceed goes straight to the local fishermen.

  • Sending kids to school - one at a time. We are both working with local government organizations, and straight with the families that needs it most.

  • Supplies distributions - school supplies and uniforms.

  • and other that we see, that can help make people life better.


Since the start of the corona virus lockdown, tourism has totally siezed to generate income to many locals who rely on the livelihood that goes with it, many locals who worked in the local tourism, run out of income, not just those working directly in the frontline of tourism, but also the locals like the fishermen. 

We extended our little assistance to the families who needed it most in a small local fishing village in El Nido (May 2020)

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