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el nido


puerto princesa


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el nido

@Island Hopping : Tour A, Tour C, Combination Tour, Overnight Camping, Linapacan Island Tour.

Minimum days to stay in El Nido, is 3 days, this will take you to one of the pre-selected island hopping destination or a day of combination tour. Combination, is a combine island hopping, of Tour A and Tour C, total of 10 destinations. So, this is one way to maximize your stay in the island. 

If you have plenty of time to spare, please check the activities below:

  • Inland Tour (Nacpan Beach, Waterfalls, Meremegmeg Beach)

  • Zip LIne

  • Surf in Duli

  • Back-flip at, Kuyawyaw Watefalls

  • Learn how to prepare adobo, Cultural Tour

  • Kayak Around Cadlao Island

  • Go Fishing

  • Try All the Island Hopping activity

  • and more!

puerto princesa

  • Visit the Subterranean River, Underground River, one of the 7th Wonder of the World. A 3hrs drive from the City of Puerto Princesa. They say, best things in life doesn't come easily. 

  • Try City Tour, they will bring you to one of the oldest tribe in Palawan. 

  • Visit Nagtabon Beach, aka, Virgin Beach, because, its not commercialized yet. 

  • Do the Island Hopping, Puerto Princesa shares one of the nice beaches/islands in Palawan


  • Go and get your PADI license, and dive the many Papanese ship wreckage scattered around the Island

  • Never miss, Maquinit Hot Spring, after a long day in the Island.

  • Never miss, Kayangan Lake, swim around it's beautifully design nature spot. Be sure you're a good swimmer, if not, use a life vest. You may want to borrow the bamboo raft, the view in the middle is awesome. It will be the 1st kind, the you will see. Majestic.

  • Try Safari!

  • Of course, do't leave the island without going to it's,preselected island hopping, don't miss, Coron Ultimate Adventure.

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